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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Manor House website which I hope you will find both interesting and informative.

Manor House is a Catholic Voluntary Secondary School for girls founded by the Poor Servants of the Mother of God (SMG). It is the ethos and educational philosophy of the SMG that informs the way we do things in our school. Manor House is now under the stewardship of the Le Chéile Schools Trust to whom the SMG have entrusted the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship. No matter what area the SMG work in they aim to respect the dignity and uniqueness of every individual. The school reflects this aim by trying to create an environment that demonstrates a concern for the welfare and good of others. We do our best to provide all our students with an academic programme appropriate to their needs within a caring and supportive environment.

Manor House has a six-year cycle, which includes a compulsory Transition Year. It provides a broad range of traditional academic subjects to Leaving Certificate Higher Level and also offers a comprehensive programme of general education, an excellent pastoral care system in addition to a wide range of extra-curricular and sporting activities. I hope that you enjoy your ‘web’ visit to our school and that by the time you have finished browsing you will have a good idea of the many different facets of school life in Manor House.

Mary O'Neill, Principal



'All Shook Up!'





The 2017 Transition Year  School Musical will be ‘All Shook Up’. Auditions for the musical will be held on

  • Tuesday 29 August,
  • Wednesday 30 August and
  • Thursday 31 August (Call-backs).

TY students may audition any song or scene from the musical, but for those who do not wish to prepare a specific song or scene, the song ‘Can’t help falling in love’ will be performed. All TY students are expected to audition on the date and time allocated to them. See below for the complete list. We have also attached a script for students who wish to familiarise themselves with the characters and scenes from the show, along with a scene breakdown.

Best of luck with the rehearsals! Thanks to Mr Montgomery for these links.


'Tales from the Dark Pool' Podcasts (Near FM)

Please check out the stories and poems by young authors (including some Manor House students) in the 'Tales from the Dark Pool' radio series at


Thanks to Ms Doherty for helping the students with this project.



Important Dates
Return to school schedule. Each day starts at 8.40am.
  • 24 Aug: 3rd and 6th yrs (to 11.20am)
  • 25 Aug: 3rd and 6th yrs (to 11.20am)
  • 28 Aug: 1st yrs only (to 11.20am)
  • 29 Aug: TY Auditions 
  • 29 Aug: All years apart from TY (to 11.20am)
  • 30 Aug: TY Auditions 
  • 30 Aug: 1st yrs (to 1.00pm)
  • 30 Aug: 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th yrs (to 12.20pm)
  • 31 Aug: TY Callbacks
  • 31 Aug: All years apart from TY (Full day)
  • 01 Sep: TY students (to 12.20pm)
  • 01 Sep: All years apart from TY (Full day)
  • 04 Sep: All years (Full day)
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Book lists for 2017-2018

16 August 2017
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04 August 2017
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