Welcome from the Principal

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Manor House website which I hope you will find both interesting and informative.

Manor House is a Catholic Voluntary Secondary School for girls founded by the Poor Servants of the Mother of God (SMG). It is the ethos and educational philosophy of the SMG that informs the way we do things in our school. Manor House is now under the stewardship of the Le Chéile Schools Trust to whom the SMG have entrusted the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship. No matter what area the SMG work in they aim to respect the dignity and uniqueness of every individual. The school reflects this aim by trying to create an environment that demonstrates a concern for the welfare and good of others. We do our best to provide all our students with an academic programme appropriate to their needs within a caring and supportive environment.

Manor House has a six-year cycle, which includes a compulsory Transition Year. It provides a broad range of traditional academic subjects to Leaving Certificate Higher Level and also offers a comprehensive programme of general education, an excellent pastoral care system in addition to a wide range of extra-curricular and sporting activities. I hope that you enjoy your ‘web’ visit to our school and that by the time you have finished browsing you will have a good idea of the many different facets of school life in Manor House.

Mary O'Neill, Principal



Meeting for Parents of 1st years: 10 October 2018

Parents of 1st years had breakfast in the library with us on Wedneaday 1 October, after which they went to a talk given by the Year Head, Ms Doherty. Here is a pdf version of Ms Doherty's presentation. 

Mr Abrahamian then spoke to the parents about the new Junior Cycle in the lecture theatre. Here is a pdf version of Mr Abrahamian's presentation.

Many thanks to everyone involved as it was a lovely morning at the Manor! 


Past Pupil wins an Emmy Award in New York: 1 October 2018

Congratulations to Emer Reynolds who directed The Farthest, which won the Emmy for Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary at the International News and Documentary Emmys on Monday night. The award ceremony took place in the Lincoln Centre, New York. It documents NASA's 1977 launch of twin space probes sent to capture images of remote planets. The probes, Voyagers 1 and 2, also bring messages from Earth. Read an article in The New Scientist about the subject of Emer's film. Unsurprisingly, The Farthest boasts a '100% fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Important Dates
  • 18 Oct: PT meeting (3rd years)
  • 06 Nov:PT meeting (6th years)
There will be a cake sale tomorrow at 1pm.  Exchange your used batteries for delicious cakes and support your school’s Green Grou...

Parents of 1st years are invited to breakfast tomorrow at 9.30am in the library.

The 'Christmas Card Design Competition' is in aid of Irish Heart and Lung Transplant Association.  Design a Christmas card and hand it in to an Art Teacher.  The competition is open to all years.  It is never too early to get into the spirit! THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK!

Step Challenge

08 October 2018

The Step Challenge continues this week. Students are encouraged to go to the hockey pitch between 1.15pm and 1.30pm on any dry day.  It takes 9 minutes to walk around the pitch 3 times. This counts as 1,000 steps.  Students will receive a stamp for each 1,000 steps and there will be prizes at the end of the year for those with the most stamps.

Clothes Drive

01 October 2018

The Manor House Parents Association is having a clothes drive on Monday and Tuesday (8-9 October) in aid of our 5th years who are participating in the World Mock Trial Competion in New York (on 16-19 November).   Click on heading to see times.

Coffee Morning

24 September 2018

A group of TY students organised a coffee morning today. Parents and grandparents of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and TY students were invited to participate in this social get-together.

Junior Cert Results 2018

12 September 2018
Congratulations to the TY students and all their teachers on the wonderful Junior Cert results! They were really excellent. 

Smile Committee News

12 September 2018
Our Smile Committee received the 'Five Time Ambassador Award' today. This was the first time the 'Five Time' award was presented to sc...