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Thank you for taking the time to visit the Manor House website which I hope you will find both interesting and informative.

Manor House is a Catholic Voluntary Secondary School for girls founded by the Poor Servants of the Mother of God (SMG). It is the ethos and educational philosophy of the SMG that informs the way we do things in our school. Manor House is now under the stewardship of the Le Chéile Schools Trust to whom the SMG have entrusted the legal, financial and inspirational role of trusteeship. No matter what area the SMG work in they aim to respect the dignity and uniqueness of every individual. The school reflects this aim by trying to create an environment that demonstrates a concern for the welfare and good of others. We do our best to provide all our students with an academic programme appropriate to their needs within a caring and supportive environment.

Manor House has a six-year cycle, which includes a compulsory Transition Year. It provides a broad range of traditional academic subjects to Leaving Certificate Higher Level and also offers a comprehensive programme of general education, an excellent pastoral care system in addition to a wide range of extra-curricular and sporting activities. I hope that you enjoy your ‘web’ visit to our school and that by the time you have finished browsing you will have a good idea of the many different facets of school life in Manor House.

Mary O'Neill, Principal

5th Year Online Parent Teacher Meeting

We would like to invite you to attend our 5th Year Parent Teacher meeting on Tuesday April 27th from 4:15pm-6:45pm. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will be hosting these meetings online using Microsoft TEAMS this year. 

This is a new process for our teachers, parents, and our students. We believe that going online with our 5th Year PTM is a great way to build connections and relationships as many of you will not have had the opportunity to meet your daughter’s teacher before. We plan to support you in learning our new system step by step. This may sound daunting at first, but we promise you it is very easy.

Please follow the steps below to register for your daughter's 5th year Parent Teacher Meeting.   This must be done by Monday 19th April at 6pm. The video below shows you how to register.  It is a very simple process.  You will need your daughters VSware student ID number to register, the video shows you how to find this in VSWARE.

Please click on this link to watch a video on how to register for the Parent Teacher Meeting: https://youtu.be/OYgb4V_dBD8

Click on this link to register for the Parent Teacher Meeting:           https://ptmorg.com/


Once you have registered for your daughters online Parent Teacher Meeting you will need to :

  1. Ensure you have your Daughters Teams downloaded as an App on your Desktop
  2. On Tuesday April 27th: (Day of Parent Teacher Meeting) Log into the PTM Registration portal to print off your rota for the meeting  https://ptmorg.com/
  3. The school will send an email to you with a table containing the meeting NAMES for each of the Subject Meetings which you will attend.
  4. Log in at the times on your schedule to meet the teachers.  Meetings are scheduled to take place on Teams between 4:15pm and 6:45pm on Tuesday April 27th.

As this is a new platform where we will host our Parent Teacher Meeting in a Virtual Setting, we thank you in advance for your patience.

Should you have any difficulties, please contact  deputyprincipal@manorhouseschool.com /principal@manorhouseschool.com


Return to School Declaration Form

We will be having a staggered return to school on Monday 12th as, to comply with Public Health guidelines, we must ensure that all Declaration Forms have been completed and returned.    Students are to arrive 10 minutes before their start time as listed below.  Please do not come any earlier as we have to check each student in. 

8.40 5th & 6th Years only

9.20  1st and 2nd years only

10.40  3rd and 4th years only

Please ensure you have filled out a declaration form for your daughter by 12 noon on Sunday 11th April.  The links for each year group are below:


6th Year:  https://tinyurl.com/6th-Year-declaration-April-21

5th year   https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Drfa3M14v0-1Po5VEt5HPqba3-DtrXpKqT8w789v_u1URDFPREU2V0hZVUYwWkdFNkRHNVgwSFRMSi4u

4th Year: https://tinyurl.com/4th-Year-Declaration-April-21

3rd Year: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Drfa3M14v0-1Po5VEt5HPqba3-DtrXpKqT8w789v_u1UMzNFRjZZMUxJMFZUWFI4WTJUOElWRDhKSS4u

2nd Year:  https://tinyurl.com/2nd-Year-Declaration-April-21

1st Year:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Drfa3M14v0-1Po5VEt5HPqba3-DtrXpKqT8w789v_u1UM1Y3S1RJQUcxRU1FUEg3M1NTR1RFS0ZDMC4u


If a declaration form has not been submitted a student will have to ring their parent and get the form completed before they will be allowed go to class. On no account will a student return to school until this Form has been completed and submitted via the link provided to the school.


Volunteering For All Award

Manor House School participated in the Volunteering for All Award from March 2020. Despite lockdown students in Manor House and the Volunteering for All Committee

completed all tasks and were successful in achieving the award.

When completing tasks to achieve the award we were overwhelmed with the amount of volunteering our students are involved in.  We are so proud of our Volunteering for All Committee and all the students and staff in our school who give so generously of their time and skills to help others. 

The Volunteering For All Award is an award for schools that recognises and affirms volunteering and charitable work undertaken by young people from all backgrounds and circumstances.This nationwide programme is supported by the Department of Justice and Equality and The Department of Children and Youth Affairs. The Volunteering For All Award programme is about recognising and affirming all the volunteer and charitable work that is currently being undertaken by students and staff in their school and communities. 

This award is a demonstration of the spirit of volunteerism, it is not a measure of the quantity of volunteering taking place. It is about celebrating difference and demonstrating that each of us has a positive contribution to make to the place in which we live. 


Many thanks to Sean McEwen from Localise who facilitated our work in achieving this award.

Click here to read our Congratulations Letter

To find our more about the Volunteering for All Award, please click here




Respect for ALL

At Manor House School we foster an atmosphere of respect and dignity for all regardless of a person’s background, culture or skin colour.

What characterises the S.M.G. approach to education is a profound respect for the dignity of the individual and a strong work ethic. Students feel accepted and encouraged and so grow in confidence and maturity.  

We are committed to equal treatment for everyone regardless of their race. We stand with our global community in condemning racism and discrimination.

Covid 19

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Recent Events

Pre-Debs Reception 2019

19 October 2019

The photos from the pre-debs reception 2019 are

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The Mass for the opening of the school year will take place on Friday 27 September at 2pm in the Church of Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace in Raheny.