Child Safeguarding and Risk Analysis Review 2020

All schools are required to have a Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Analysis.  Each year the school needs to review both of these documents.  In Feb/March 2020  teachers, students and parents in Manor House were invited to participate in the annual review.  The current Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Analysis was provided to staff and feedback was provided.  The Parent Association held a review meeting to discuss the document and made suggestions.  The Student Council, Smile Committee, Digital Captains, and Green Group were invited to send representatives to a students discussion on Child Safeguarding where they provided feedback on the current statement.   Many thanks to everybody who provided feedback.  The Risk Assessment has now been updated to include additional risks and ways to mitigate those risks.  The new Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Analysis are available here on the website and a hard copy is available on request from the School Reception.