Books are available from ‘The Bookhaven’ in Sutton, Donaghmede and Clare Hall

  • You can order school books online from 
  • If you order online, you will get 10% off new school books.
  • There is free delivery on orders over €50.
  • A cover on each purchased book costs 75c.

To order, go to the Bookhaven home page and click into ‘My School Booklist’ at the bottom of the page. Enter the appropriate quick code to bring up the appropriate booklist:

  • 1st year Code:  EKRK1Y
  • 2nd year Code: EKRK2Y
  • 3rd year Code: EKRK3Y
  • 4th year Code: EKRK4Y
  • 5th year Code: EKRK5Y
  • 6th year Code: EKRK6Y

To avail of the 10% discount in June and July select your books, go to the checkout and enter the code SCHOOL20 

Free delivery for orders over €50 in August


BOOKLISTS for 2020-2021

1st year 2020

2nd year2020

3rd year 2020

Transition Year 2020

5th year 2020

6th year 2020